XtremeFit™ Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar For Home Gym Workouts


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Pull ups and chin ups are two of the best upper body strength exercises that you can do with minimal equipment at home. In one simple motion, pull ups use many different 'pulling' muscles in the upper body.

While many beginners may practice their pull ups or chin ups with a door pull up bar, this wall mounted pull up or chin up bar is much sturdier, more secure, and a great alternative for dedicated pull up enthusiasts that you can mount to almost any wall - indoor or outdoor.

The wall mounted pull up bar will help you build upper body strength in all your upper body muscles. You can use our wall mounted pull up bar for a number of different variations of pull ups, including:

- Standard Pull Ups Or Chin ups
- Weighted Pull Ups
- Behind-the-neck Pull Ups
- Mixed Grip Pull Ups
- One Arm Pull Ups
- Muscle Ups and more! 

XtremeFit™ Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar For Home Gym Workouts Features:

Wall Mounted
You can easily install this pull up bar using the wall mount and hardware provided. Simply mount on to any wall material including wooden studs, brick or ce

Exercise Versatility:
Angled Grips allow you to build strength and target specific upper body muscles while working out at home. You can even add gymnastic rings, yoga straps or even punching bags to the pull up / chin up bar for extra variety in your home exercise workout routines.

Comfortable to Hold:
The diameter of the wall mounted pull up bar allows you to hold on without getting hand cramps or slipping off during lengthy home gym workouts.




Color: Black
Material: Carbon Steel
Bearing: 200KG / 440LB
Product Weight: 8.8 LB
Dimensions: 38" L X 20" W X 7" H (see photos)

Package Includes:

1 X Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Chin Up Bar
1 X Wall Mount Bolt-On Installation Mounting Kit
1 X English User Manual

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