SKY HAWK Double Motor RC Airplane KIT


Grab your Discounted SKY HAWK Double Motor RC Airplane KIT while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


If you are someone who likes to work with your hands and see your masterpiece in action, then this remote control model airplane kit is for you. Enjoy the fun of watching your plane soar through the sky after assembly. These model kits help to improve fine motor skills, attention, concentration, and hand dexterity. This spectacular model is impact resistant so you can perform all of your loops, dives, and barrel rolls without fear of damaging your model. Or if you are just a model building enthusiast who likes the challenge of building a complex machine, then this unit will provide you hours of entertainment. 


This streamlined design provides extremely high speed with low wind resistance, so if you are new to the flying concept, you can learn to become an expert with all the great features this kit includes. Assembling this kit with your children will teach them about aeronautical design and enjoying the finished product will teach them about aerodynamics. A couple of hours spent piecing together or painting your model can clear your mind of the problems of the world. While you may not be a brilliant illustrator, painter, writer, or musician, scale models offer you the opportunity to create your own art.

SKY HAWK Double Motor RC Airplane KIT Features:

  • Excellent fuselage material hardness
  • Anti-shock and anti-impact
  • Wingspan: 940mm
  • Length: 763mm
  • Color: Black and Red

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