Shadowhawk LED Military Tactical Flashlight


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Flashlight addicts, junkies and specialists get more than they bargain for with the Shadowhawk LED Military Tactical Flashlight. That's because it delivers us from dim flashlight disorder on so many levels with multiple modes and fancy functions that you can't describe all it does without sharing each individual setting. 
The Shadowhawk LED Military Tactical Flashlight has been designed to work perfectly even under the toughest conditions, as its sturdy metal composition protects it against damage even when it is dropped or is used to impact an object or an assailant.
This multi-purpose flashlight is meant to be used as both a source of light and a self-defense tool. Its powerful beam can stun burglars and scare off attackers, and it can be used as weapon, if necessary.

Shadowhawk LED Military Tactical Flashlight Features:

  • Our brightest flashlight yet
  • Made from indestructible military grade aluminum
  • 2000x zoom function for pinpoint laser precision
  • 100% water resistant with long lasting battery

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