17 Key Thumb Piano


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The kalimba is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. Just need to use fingers play to make a sound. The kalimba is produced classified as part of the lamellaphone family, and part of the idiophone family of musical instruments. perfect for anyone on the go or just wanting to learn a few basic songs.



  • Kalimba, also known as Thumb Piano, is a new type of instrument originated in Africa.
  • Kalimba Mineral Steel keys are mounted on a solid wood box that acts as the resonating chamber.
  • You could play songs easily by pulling keys. A simple operation can learn a minute. is recommended for children to cultivate musical talent and adults like music.. It's recommended for travelling, party, relaxing etc.
  • Solid wood body and ore metal tines providing longer sustain and comfortable touch feeling
  • Triple sound holes leading clean and clear sound. You could made creative sound effect with the two sound holes at back.With Built-in Pickup w/ 6.35mm End-pin Jack, can be connected with an amplifier during a public performance.


Tonality: C Key
The Number of Keys: 17 Keys
Key Material: Carbon Steel
Resonant Box Material: AAA Solid Mahogany
Dimension: 23 X 19.3 X 7.6 CM

Package included:

1 x 17 key Kalimba


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